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Dr. Barbara Sturm


Nobody likes being bullied or picked on, and no matter how strong you are, you will never be strong enough to ignore every single bully you’ll come across. Many people believe the only bullying that matters is the one that happens face to face but they need to understand the fact that bullying takes a lot more forms than just that one.


One of the many types of bullying is cyber bullying, and despite the fact that many don’t acknowledge this as being a priority, it needs to stop as soon as possible.


Cyber bullying is the same as normal bullying, because the people inflicting the pain are doing so in order to dominate the weaker and gentler people across the internet and by doing so the bullies feel better about themselves. That’s not what the internet is supposed to be. The internet is supposed to be a place in which people can interact with other people across the world, they can create bonds with people they never thought they’d get along with in the past, and they can understand more about each other without even meeting that person face to face. But this idea is being demolished by bullies, trolls and haters. Their single goal is to find these individuals which just want to enjoy their online presence and embarrass them, and sadly enough, they usually succeed. Because this has become such a huge problem people across the world have started to create communities, both online and in real life, which have the goal to stop these intimidators from ruining any more experiences online.

Which side are you on? The tyrants whom will stop at nothing in order to ruin your life or on the side of justice? Equality or dominance? Either way, not everybody has a choice, so it’s our job to make the right choice and turn the internet back into what it was supposed to be in the first place. A safe environment for both children and adults alike.

There are many places that can help and support you. We have added a link below.

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