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What inspired you in life, and how do you translate that into your blog posts?

Everything around me can be inspiring. I am a creative person and I like to travel and see different places, landscapes, architectures, etc.. On my blog I like to show my daily looks but also some architecture and design. I like to combine all my passions.


How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?

I would say that I am focusing on luxury brands/styles. I think there are not many bloggers in Paris that specialise in Luxury. It's too bad, because France is well known for high quality products and "soucis du détail"! For me, Adam Gallagher (@Iamgalla) is one of the best instagrammers.


How do you keep in shape? Do you have a special diet and workout routine?

Of course I do! I've got my personal trainer who is taking care of me, giving me some good diet plans and advice for workouts! I cannot live without workouts! You feel so good after an intensive session! :-)

Can you sum up your life so far in one sentence?

Don't hesitate or be scared, just try/do it. You only live once! 

What are your favourite trends for this season?

During winter, I love long trench coats mixed with skinny jeans rolled up and good sneakers!

Can you recommend 5 must have items in your wardrobe at all times?

A pair of black skinny jeans. A pair of axel arigato Shoes, a sweater from Ron Dorff, a white shirt from Cos Store or Nolson and a long trench (blue or camel color).

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