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Photo credit: Luke Fontana

What kind of reaction have you have had when you leave your house since being on Americas Got Talent?

People stop me everywhere I go. It’s been surreal. The people who take a quick moment to share their experience about feeling like an outcast always really touch me. To be vulnerable with a complete stranger, it’s beautiful.


Whats your ultimate goal in life?

I want to make music that connects me to the human experience. Open my heart and share a bit of myself with the world. To be a storyteller!


What advice would you give to any kids/anyone being bullied?

Find your passion, and focus all your pain and anger into it. I find that lost or tortured souls make incredible artists.

Whats next for you and your career?

The unknown. Im enjoying the ride and i will continue to sing and write songs that move me. I hope I can make at least one person feel understood and loved.

Brian Justin Crum & Janel Parrish "Lay Me Down"

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