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Brian Justin Crum was born in 1988, and currently lives in Los Angeles. His individual goal is to make people feel things. He had a lot of hard times at school and so many challenges while growing up.


Brian Justin, 28, from San Diego explained his heartfelt struggle to the America’s Got Talent panel, which includes Mel B and Simon Cowell, of coming to term with his sexuality, while enduring bullying for being overweight and wanting to be a singer.

Moving to Oregon, with his aunt and uncle, for a fresh start, Brian defeated his demons and cameback stronger than ever, growing beautiful inside and out.

It’s not Brian’s first time before an audience; he previously worked on Broadway, but now he managed to get his foot in the door of the Simon Cowell ecosystem. Will that machine chew him up? Or will he ride his new found fame to ongoing success?

MR JOEL had the pleasure to get to know Brian, his thoughts, likes and dislikes.

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Photo credit: Ricky Middlesworth

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